Uighur Muslims: Horrifying Muslim Chinese Internment Camps Meant To Renounce their Faith

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Human Rights Watch alerted the UN in August that over a million Uighur Muslims were detained and held prisoner in camps meant to train the Muslim out of them. The “program” camps include physical and mental torture with an end goal of forcing Muslims to give up Islam. Despite piling evidence these camps exist, China continues to deny their existence. Instead they’ve attempted to flower and dim the word, calling them “re-education” camps.

Muslims are a minority in China, they typically reside in the far West of China. The biggest region, Xinjiang houses a large population of Muslims. The Uighur Muslims specifically are ethnically Turkic Muslims and have been the main target along with other Muslim groups in the area.

Survivors of the camps recount what they were put through. From forcing Muslims to memorize songs praising the Chinese Communists Party to forcing them to eat pork in order to get them to give up their devotion to Islam and when brainwashing wouldn’t do the trick, physical torture followed. China is evidently and purposefully erasing the Uighur and Islamic identity from the country.

The Uighur people have a history of resistance in China, and have often called for independence but to no avail. The movements results in clashes between the Chinese government and the Muslim ethnic groups resulting in deaths and fights. The Chinese media has portrayed these encounters as a sign of terrorism and justified the camps in the same way.

To this day, China stands by their defense that the Muslims are a dangerous people and support terrorism rather than admitting that they are forcefully conditioning them into becoming devout Chinese subjects by giving up their faith and by extension their efforts to become independent.

Furthermore, many experts have noted how although the Chinese Muslims weren’t extremist/terrorists in any way before, China has created a breeding ground for the Islamic state Extremism recruitment process. In the same way that the Rohingya Muslims were driven out of their homes, ISIS immediately took the opportunity to feed on the vulnerable and recruit them while they still had anger brewing in them.

China continues to defend the logic behind their camps. While the world has reacted with shock and disbelief, the world hasn’t done anything. A sole Pakistani territory threatened to close their borders to China if they didn’t release the Muslims who were spouses to the people living in that Pakistani territory. Malaysia has also refused to return the Muslims who escaped from the camps. Besides that, nothing has happened.

Something you and I can do is never let it die down. Do not let this issue fade away into oblivion. The Islamic and ethnic identity of our Muslim brothers and sisters is being erased as we speak. It is injustice and a violation of human rights. Religious tolerance is the new tomorrow, not a forced communist regime.

Continue to retweet, like and share any news of this issue. It’s only a big deal that must be dealt with if we make it so.

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